Our Mission

The Somer Thompson Foundation was formed in March 2010 after the abduction and murder of 7 year old Somer Thompson. The Foundation is dedicated to providing education, resources, and help to victims of crimes against children. Grants will be given to victims’ families to help with financial hardships that come in the aftermath and horror that a child abduction brings. This financial assistance was desperately needed both during and after the search for Somer and allowed the family to find their daughter without the distraction of worrying about where the funds would come from to pay the bills. This allowed Diena to focus solely on getting her daughter back.

The Somer Thompson Foundation seeks to alleviate the concerns of a parent who finds themselves facing the tragedy of finding a missing child.


On October 19, 2009, Diena Thompson and her family experienced the worst nightmare ever parent fears. Diena has shown that through her courageous spirit and strength that she is now the voice of her beloved daughter Somer. With the spirit and in memory of her daughter she is committed to helping other families and giving advice on the grass-roots level that is so vital in the aftermath of a child abduction. She is a true pioneer in her quest to change legislation to include a newly added Endangered Child Alert in the event that an Amber Alert cannot be immediately issued. She wants to involve the community beforehand by providing education and strategic planning in order to improve the existing AMBER Alert Systems to encompass SILVER Alerts.


We live in a world that is changing exponentially with the advances in technology. The Internet has changes how we all live and react to situations. The Somer Thompson Foundation will work with top specialists in website development tools and software to help our community pull together strategic assets to provide a unified and faster response during a crisis. The Foundation website will be a real-time online mechanism and vast information resource to help when a child is missing. We will be more prepared and will need everyone’s help and participation to achieve higher standards in our community and protect our children by providing them with a safer world in which to live for generations to come.